Number 3 // May 2015

Bulletin! Bulletin! Bulletin!

Oil Spill Preparations
Hueneme Beach is Clean

The Ventura County Executive Office has announced that oil tar balls have washed ashore at Hollywood Beach, Ventura State Beach, and Faria Beach. It is possible that the oil is from the Refugio oil spill, although tar balls also occur naturally on the California coast.

As of 8PM Saturday evening, no oil has been found on Hueneme Beach.Anyone spotting oil on the water or an unusually high number of tar balls ashore is advised to call 1-800-424-8802 to report the finding. The County Emergency Operations Center is co-ordinating the response.

Just a normal Saturday at Hueneme Beach

Port Hueneme Farmer’s Market …. A Long Time Comin’

Every Saturday at the Beach from 10 ’til 2

Flowers, food, and a whole lot more!

Celebrity Sighting!

Elliott St.Louis enjoys the fries at Surfside Seafood during The Beach is Back! fest

The Rosenbluth Family Homework Center

Adele and Murray Rosenbluth cut the ribbon at the opening of the Homework Center
Port Hueneme children in grades K-12 may get homework help at the Rosenbluth Family Homework Center at the Port Hueneme library. Tutors and computers are available. Hours are 3:00 to 5:30 Monday and Tuesday, 2:30 to 5:30 Wednesday, 3:00 to 5:00 Thursday, and closed during school breaks. Walk-ins are welcome.
Many children depend on home computers for information to help with their homework. However, there are many other children who do not have sufficient financial or educational resources in their homes to help with their homework. They also deserve the opportunity to experience broadened horizons and motivation to grow into educated adults who will contribute to society and their own happiness.
Adele Rosenbluth was the driving force behind creation of the Homework Center in 2001. She named it the Family Homework Center for the children of Port Hueneme families. Adele saw it at as a rung in the ladder of upward mobility to the middle class and beyond for disadvantaged children. She saw her dream become reality at the dedication of the Center just several months before she passed away in October 2001.
The Family Homework Center provides a safe harbor in a library setting away from gangs. Adele and Murray Rosenbluth believed that libraries are the mark and measure of a civilized society, the essence of our democracy, and an integral part of our education system.
A love of reading developed at a young age develops into a passion for education. The result is an educated and involved adult who is a major contributor to everyone’s quality of life.
Sustainable financial support will continue to be provided by the Rosenbluth Family Foundation, a charitable organization, to maintain Adele’s dream. Her children and grandchildren are dedicated supporters. This is Adele’s legacy to the children of Port Hueneme.
There is ongoing cooperation with other library and Hueneme School District programs. Many thanks to the leadership, staff, and volunteers for their outstanding support. Thanks to the Friends of the Ray Prueter Library and their leadership.
We have had wonderful coordinators and volunteers working at the Homework Center. More volunteers are needed and are very welcome. Help the children of our community succeed by giving two (2) hours a week as an after-school volunteer or a tutor at the Rosenbluth Family Homework Center. Help students find the information needed to complete homework assignments. Assist with computer basics. Make a difference in the future of a child.
For more information, please call 486-5460 and ask for Yvonne or Bernadette (minimum age to volunteer is 16 years).

Visit Ventura County West

Port Hueneme is now a part of Visit Ventura County West. Check out their website to learn about some really cool happenings around the county this summer.

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