Number 8 // July 2015

Independence Day!

PD Preps for Fourth
From February 2014 until today, the Port Hueneme Police Department has responded to 118 calls regarding fireworks.  One hundred of those calls have occurred in the months of June and July.  

Interim Chief of Police Robert Albertson reminds everyone that all fireworks, including the so-called “safe and sane” variety are illegal in Port Hueneme.  “Anyone found to be in possession of fireworks is subject to arrest and prosecution,” he warns.

Sgt. Chris Graham has the responsibility of developing the July 4th Operations Plan and serves as the liaison with the Oxnard Police Department. 

The Police Department will be at full staffing for the holiday. The Chief anticipates the biggest problems to be traffic from the Channel Islands fireworks show and increased activity at the beach.

Subi Do!
Last Sunday dozens of Subarus headed north on PCH to Hueneme Beach Park for the Subaru Summer Solstice, one of the largest gatherings of Subaru enthusiasts on the West Coast.  On a perfect day for cruising, every WRX and STi shone in the Port Hueneme sun.
The ePilot is pleased to announce what we hope will be a regular feature.  Brick Wahl has worked as a community organizer, campaign consultant, and ferocious punk rock drummer. Until recently, he was the long time jazz critic of the LA Weekly. You can find more of his writing at 
Brick Wahl 


Wow. Twelve declared Republican presidential candidates as of today, and another four expected. Sixteen total. That’s seems nuts.

But thinking back to my college days when I had dreams of being another Theodore White and read every campaign history I could lay my hands on, I remember doing a rather long paper on the 1976 presidential election campaign. It’s probably stuffed in a box around here somewhere. That was the first election after Watergate, and the Democrats had blown the GOP to smithereens in the previous midterms. After Watergate, you’ll remember that if you were a Democrat and breathing you were elected that year.

As 1976 approached, the excitement was just too much for many Democrats. Fifteen of them declared themselves candidates for president. Another sixteen considered but decided against it, which means at one point over thirty Democrats were picturing themselves in the Oval Office, signing bills and giving orders. I’ve seen no list of who might have changed their minds, but if the last four Republicans expected to announce this year do join the herd, they will have officially beat by one candidate the Democrats’ total in 1976.

That was a helluva campaign on the Democratic side, the 1976 nomination race. Fast paced, fluid, full of surprises. The histories read like fast paced novels. The underdog, a peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter, won in a happy ending that made Americans feel warm all over. It was the most exciting election since 1968, the histories of which (An American Melodrama was one) also read like a novel, though a tragic one, full of death and betrayal, the ending just sad.

So will the Republican presidential campaign be as wild and exciting as the Democratic race in 1976? Will it turn into a donnybrook? The  signs of campaign madness are already emerging, and Ted Cruz demanding Supreme Court elections was especially fun. When you have more candidates on the field than a football team, you do what ya gotta do, say what you gotta say. And who knows where the Confederate flag controversy will go, especially as South Carolina, the follow up primary to New Hampshire and traditionally a make or break state for Republican candidates, has the meanest Republican intra-party politics in the land. You have never seen mean until you’ve seen South Carolina Republican mean. You’ll be hearing all about this next February, believe me.

Oh boy, this will be fun.

As a sidenote, I remember running into Jack Germond at a wedding maybe fifteen years ago. He was a bit of a hero of mine, as he’d co-written (with Jules Witcover) a long out of print history of the 1968 presidential campaign that was so good I’d read it two or three times. A genuine classic of political literature, and I wish I could recall the title of it. It’s around here somewhere. Anyway, we had a nice conversation in the restroom about presidential primaries. You don’t get to meet a lot of people you admire that way. I told him I loved that book. Those were the days he said. We both agreed nomination races weren’t (at the time) what they used to be.

They weren’t. 1984 had been beyond dull (Wake Us When It’s Over was Witcover’s history of the thing). 1988 was Michael Dukakis in a tank. We both snickered at poor Dukakis. Hard to think of anything sadder than being laughed at by two guys standing in the head. Nice chatting with you, Jack said, and I went to shake his hand but thought better of it. At the sink I asked him who he figured would be the nominees in 2000. Vice President Gore, he said, and George W. Bush, but he wasn’t too excited about either, or the race. Not what they used to be I said, and we both sighed and went back to our separate tables, he with the grown ups, me with the musicians.

But thinking back now it seems maybe we were wrong about nomination races not being what they used to be. 2016 is starting to look a lot like 1976. Exciting, fun, crazy, ridiculous, expensive and American as, well, Jackson Pollack. His paintings don’t seem to make sense either, but if you stare long enough, there is order. Or so they tell me. And no matter how nuts it looks now, or how anarchic and ludicrous it’s going to be, eventually the presidential campaign field converges into just two, and then to one, and it’s all over but the inauguration.

DOD Working Group to Take Closer Look at Public Schools

The Department of Defense is looking at the quality of local school systems as part of its evaluation of the military environment.

Trees an Important Part of Saving Water

Watering trees can be a prudent use of water to save a valuable community investment.

More Questions About F-35 Performance

Pilots claim it’s no match for predecessor F-16.

Attention all Baby Boomers  !!!!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings are the place to be to catch the FREE Sizzlin Senior low impact aerobics class that had been going strong for over 15 years in the Friendly City by the Sea.

Each one hour class consists of a warm-up, isolation, low impact aerobics, weight training, stretching, abdominal and leg routines. The class is located at the Port Hueneme Community Center 550 Park Avenue and taught by Sharon Kloeris, a former Jazzercise instructor, who choreographs and teaches the classes Monday and Friday 9:00 am – 10:00 am and Wednesday 8:15 am – 9:15 am.

It’s a great way to kick start your day, have fun, socialize and get fit. Join us and experience the benefits of exercise!

Championship Wrestling Comes to Port Hueneme

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presents its 3rd Annual Red Carpet Rumble on Sunday July 12 with a 3 pm bell time at the Oceanview Pavilion located at 575 E. Surfside Drive Port Hueneme, CA 93041 with FREE parking in Lot E.

This year’s FREE event will feature  an “All-Star Cast” that includes Pro Wrestling Legends, United Wresting Network regional stars and Championship Wrestling From Hollywood mainstays.

In addition to the 30 man RCR match the following matches will be featured:

 “Mr. Azucar”  Rocky Romero vs Colt Toombs

CWFH Television Championship Match !
Brian Myers vs Defending Champion Kevin Martenson

TNA Impact Grudge Match !
“The Rising” vs “BDC: Beat Down Clan”

Eli Drake vs Kenny King

CWFH Heritage Championship
Scorpio Sky vs Defending Champion Yuma

Also scheduled to wrestle are Vermin (Joey Ryan & Ryan Taylor), Mason Ryan, Reno Scum, Drew Gulack & Timothy Thatcher and Othello.

For additional information call the Oceanview Pavilion at (805) 986-4818′


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