ePilot No. 12

85 Years and Still Flying

Santa Paula Airport Celebrates a Milestone

In 1930 Ralph Dickenson and Dan Emmet organized a group of local farmers and ranchers and built an airport.  Today, Santa Paula Airport is the only privately owned public use airport in Ventura County. 
While some communities view their local airport with hostility, Santa Paulans are justifiably proud of their home town treasure.  The usual First Sunday Open House was turned into a birthday celebration marking 85 years of aviation in the Heritage Valley.

Based at Santa Paula are not only the usual fleet of modern light aircraft, but also a collection of some of the most interesting examples of flying history.  At Santa Paula you might see anything from a 1920’s de Havilland Gypsy Moth to a full aerobatic Pitts Special — and just about everything in between.

Have a budding Charles Lindbergh in your family?  Check out the Young Eagles Program. Since 1992 the good folks at the Experimental Aircraft Association have been introducing young aviators to the wonders of flight.

Ever want to fly aerobatics like Patty Wagstaff (or just go for a plain plane ride)?  CP Aviation has a full range of offerings from the sedate to the thrilling.

Those with a taste for history can visit the Santa Paula Aviation Museum.

The first Sunday of every month is open house at Santa Paula Airport. The public is invited to visit and participate in a unique aviation experience.

The airport and museum are located at 800 E. Santa Maria St., Santa Paula.


 Is that Mr. Lindbergh?   No, it’s Scotty Ramolini taking us back in time.                                                                         
That is a genuine 1927 Lindbergh button!
Yep, that’s a 170!
Ken Wise and Susanne Sarno bring the Maritime Museum to the airport
It’s SZP not LAX!

Live Music at Peninsula Park
Leigh Vance and Friends deliver some tasty jazz on a Saturday afternoon
  • Coming up:

    August 8            Ray Jaurique & the Uptown Brothers
    August 15          Pier 101
    August 22          In Contempt
    August 29          Sean Wiggins & Lone Goat
    September 5     Unkle Monkey

  • All shows 4-6 PM, 3401 Peninsula Rd.

    Free admission!

Brick Wahl

Progressive Scorecard

 1968. The Democratic party, bitterly divided between liberals and way liberals, blows up.
1972. George McGovern is elected in a landslide victory and America is changed forever.

1984. Water Mondale is elected in a landslide victory and America is changed forever.

1988. Michael Dukakis is elected in a landslide victory and America is changed forever.

2000. Voters, disgusted at Al Gore’s sell out conservatism, elect Ralph Nader in a landslide victory and America is changed forever.

2004. John Kerry is elected in a landslide victory and American is changed forever.

2008. Barack Obama, reaching out to black and moderate voters, is defeated in a landslide and America is unchanged forever.

2012. See 2008, but way worse even.

2016. Bernie Sanders is elected in a landslide victory and America is changed forever.

Read more Brick Wahl at http://brickwahl.com/

Chowderfest Comes to Maritime Museum

On Saturday, August 8 from 4 to 8 PM, the Maritime Museum will host the first annual Chowder Tasting Competition. Local restaurants, wineries and breweries will be featured with free tasting samples.

At 9PM there will be a special screening of the classis Kon-Tiki with free popcorn.

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Proceeds go toward a new navigation exhibit and educational programs at the museum.

For tickets go to www.cimmvc.org or call 805-984-6260.


US to build first exascale computer
President orders development of most powerful computer ever built.

Navy Ship Catches Fire in Croatian Shipyard
USS Mount Whitney suffers damage.

NATO Jets Intercept Russians
Five scrambles in one week over Baltic Sea.

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