ePilot No. 25

Winter Hits Home


High winds, and high surf led to the closure of Hueneme Beach on Friday.

Stairway to the sea

Mobile Ship Target Outdated

U.S. Navy photo

Off the coast of Point Mugu the Naval Sea Range is home to a variety of training missions.  From small “swarm boat” simulators to the the National Self-Defense Test Ship (SDTS), the Navy operates a variety of targets for combat training.

One of the most used vessels is the Mobile Ship Target (MST), a 230′ remotely piloted ship that can be configured to resemble a number of different targets.

Unfortunately, according to Navy sources, the current MST has very nearly outlived its usefulness.

Modern targeting and weapons systems require a surface target that is more representative of today’s enemy.  The old MST is too small and too slow (8-10 kt) to realistically simulate the modern combat environment.

The Navy specifies that a new Ship Target should be 450′-500′ in length and be capable of speeds of 20-30 knots.  With more than twice the length of the existing MST, the new ship would require significantly more dock space in Hueneme Harbor.  Should that prove unfeasible, operations would have to be based in San Diego rather than in Port Hueneme.

The estimated cost for the new ship is $56.5 million.  As of this time, there has been no funding designated for this purpose.  With $200 million in construction money designated for the Ohio class submarine, it is unlikely that a new MST will be funded in the next four years.


Support the Library by Shopping at Amazon

Only 13 more shopping days until Christmas.  If you do your shopping at either Amazon or Ralph’s, every dollar you spend will allow you to donate (absolutely painlessly) to the Port Hueneme Friends.

All you have to do is log on to Smile.Amazon.com and choose Friends of the Port Hueneme Library as your designated charity.  For every $10 you spend, Amazon donates a nickel to us.    Please use Smile.Amazon.com every time you shop.  In fact, if you forget, Amazon will prompt you to use Smile.Amazon.com

The same thing goes for Ralphs.  Just print out and bring  in the attached letter or if you don’t open attachments,  print out this email and present it to the cashier the next time you do your shopping.  Ralphs will also donate a small percentage of your grocery bill to us for nearly an entire year.

Hueneme Chamber Joins Biggest Loser Community Challenge

An exciting, national wellness initiative is launching across the country in February and theHueneme Chamber of Commerce is inviting everyone in Ventura County to join the MOVEment!   NBC and The Biggest Loser are launching The Biggest Loser Community Challenge in February. Teams of four are invited to join this eight-week, online health & wellness community challenge. The challenge is for people of all fitness levels and is designed to get the community moving, eating better and having fun!

Businesses are encouraged to register teams of employees to represent their company in the challenge. Friends and families are also invited to join in the challenge.  For only $100 for a team of four, this exciting wellness offering is an affordable and fun way to kick start the new year for employees.
Past contestants of The Biggest Loser will guide teams through eight weekly challenges. Challengers will also receive weekly motivation and nutrition tips from trainer, Dolvett Quince. Participants will earn points for each minute of activity they engage in, as well as additional points for completing weekly tasks and logging additional challenge activities designed to improve nutrition and overall wellness. Each participant will have access to their own private wellness account and mobile app, where they will journal challenge activities, access weekly health guidance and keep their eye on friends and competitors on live leaderboards.
Prize draws will be made each week, with over 10,000 prizes to be won across the country!

More information, online registration and key dates can be found online atwww.biggestlosercommunity.com.
Healthy People. Healthy Companies. Healthy Communities!

PH Museum Now on Facebook!

The Port Hueneme Historical Society Museum is now available to “like”.
The new webpage is available at:

History By the Minute







Beverly Merrill Kelley

Let’s face it, we’re all busy people.  We’d love to learn more about our hometown but who has the time?  This column will feature highlights that can be read in a minute or two.  And rest assured, the information comes from the considerable resources of the Port Hueneme Historical Society.  If your interest is piqued to learn more, visit the museum on Main Street or send your questions via email toKelley@callutheran.edu.
Achille Levy came to the attention of Thomas Bard—the man who would construct Hueneme Wharf and owned most of the land that would become Port Hueneme—for a couple of reasons.  Bard admired Levy for his integrity and his astute business know-how.  After Levy’s stint as a co-owner of Wolff and Levy, an amazingly successful general mercantile concern, Levy would become a hybrid unusual even for the late-19th Century.  He was not only a commercial broker but also a private banker.
The mechanic of Levy’s broker-banker business was simple.  A farmer would sell his crop to Levy, but chose not to collect the full sale price.  The farmer entrusted the remainder of the money with Levy and was given a checkbook to purchase merchandise, seed, farm animals and agricultural equipment from either Levy or another merchant (with Levy as the payer).  If and when the weather failed the farmer, he could depend on Levy for credit until another wet year came around.  Unlike other bankers nationwide, who delighted in foreclosing on farms that had been around for generations, in Hueneme, the farmer and the banker gambled on each other.

Flood and Fire Insurance Available

The California Department of Insurance has consumer information available at its websitewww.insurance.ca.gov.

Flood insurance is only available through the National Flood Insurance Program and there is a 30 day waitng period before the policy is effective. Californians living in areas with a risk of flooding should purchase flood insurance through the NRIP immediately. Learn moere athttps://www.floodsmart.gov/floodsmart/.

The State Legislature has established an insurer of last resort for Californians unable to find standard fire insurance for their homes. Information about the California FAIR Plan can be found at https://www.cfpnet.com/.

Brick Wahl

Thrift Store Jazz, Part 1

Listening to the incredible Buddy Rich Big Band LP Mercy Mercy I picked up when the annoying lady in the Santa hat wasn’t looking, and that Don Menza solo was so freaking good I had to listen to it again.

And dig that little flurry by Art Pepper. Had to listen to that twice, too. (Lifting up the tone arm and dropping it again, guessing, almost got it right. CD’s are easier.) Buddy is soloing now, going nuts, and it’s 1968, and it’s no “Toad”.

Also got this great collection of sides by aggregations led (supposedly led) by Jack Teagarden andMax Kaminsky, Big T and the Mighty Max. One of the those Commodore reissue things from the ’70’s, with cheap creepy artwork. Aesthetics got very strange in the seventies. No one buys these things, not even for a buck–no one buys anything pre-be bop–and whenever grandpa dies and his beloved record collection gets dumped at the thrift store record bins, his beautifully maintained albums sit there unloved amid the beat up Mantovani and disco and Barbara Streisand.

But I’m a sucker for the things.

Now, all the older jazzers remember Jack Teagarden, of course, one of the greatest trombonists of all time, and a singer up there, almost, with Louis Armstrong. He was that good. (Check out their priceless duet on Old Rocking Chair to become an instant fan.)

Kaminsky is better known to The Swinging Years listeners and he’s blowing hot on this LP. Great bands, in the Eddie Condon style, in fact Eddie is on some of the cuts, sounding old style slick on guitar, and you can imagine the drinking and carrying on.

This is mostly World War Two era stuff, and the endless liner notes on the back cover by some expert or other point out how these barrelhouse jazz bands (I love that term, “barrelhouse jazz”) were stock full of refugees from swing bands who either couldn’t hack the road schedules or just wanted to blow instead of reading charts all night but couldn’t or just wouldn’t adapt to be bop.

It’s a forgotten time, in between big band swing and small group bop, but the jazz on here swings like a twelve letter word. I flip it over a couple times and let the stuff rock as I prep the house to be trashed all over again.

That Kaminsky, he’s on fire here, this must have been his moment. And Teagarden, well I can never get enough of him. Oh yeah, there was the torrid dirty clarinet solo instantly recognizable as Pee Wee Russell. One of the sad little greats, Pee Wee. If I remember right he even did a set with Monk–playing Monk’s music–at Newport. Can’t remember if I saw film of that or have it here in the piles of CDs somewhere, but it was a trip, Pee Wee playing his tail off and thinking in ways guys his jazz age never thought.

We laugh, but how many of us can do that? We sit surrounded by the past like it’s the present and complain about the new.

Anyway, I picked this up with a random selection of cool LPs at the Out of the Closet in Atwater Village while looking for a coffee table. Nada on the table but the LPs are fun. Considering I sold off so much of my collection to pay for epilepsy medicine before coverage kicked in, I actually have room for new LPs again.

If only I had sold off more books. I keep buying them and they’re stacked up here on the floor, all these big thick wordy non-fiction tomes, mocking me. The absurdities of bohemian life.



States throw money at military bases to keep them open

But is it money well spent?



An Upgrade for the Blue Angels?


F/A-18 Super Hornets may replace aging legacy aircraft.



Perfect Score Wins Model Aerobatics World Crown

Donatas Pauzuolis successfully defends his title in Dubai.




The Draft 2016 RTP/SCS & Draft PEIR


The Southern California Association of Governments Regional Council approved release of the 2016-2040 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (2016 RTP/SCS) for public review and comment. The Plan’s Draft Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) was also approved for release. The decisions came after nearly a year of discussions on critical issues and various components of the Plan at meetings of the board and SCAG’s three policy committees.

Both the Draft 2016 RTP/SCS and PEIR will now enter into a 60-day public review and comment period, beginning Dec. 4, 2015, and ending Feb. 1, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. The Draft 2016 RTP/SCS and its appendices are now available for download as PDFs online. The Draft PEIR and its appendices are also available for download.

What’s Next?

The Draft Plan represent years of input and discussions with local cities, counties and the general public, but over the next 60 days, we hope to get additional input from you and other stakeholders. You can provide comments on the Draft 2016 RTP/SCS in one of three ways:

Speaking at a public hearing

Public Hearing Dates


  • Tuesday, January 12, 7:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, January 19, 10:00 a.m.
  • Saturday, January 23, 10:00 a.m.

Using the online comment form

Mailing us a letter

SCAG currently has scheduled public hearings on Jan. 12, at 7:00 p.m.; Jan. 19, at 10:00 a.m.; and Jan. 23, at 10:00 a.m. They will be held concurrently at all SCAG regional offices (at present time, Orange County office is TBD for Jan. 23). We will also hold a series of elected official briefings on the key components of the Draft 2016 RTP/SCS throughout the region, per SB 375 requirements. A PDF flyer listing all public hearings and elected official briefings is available for download here. We anticipate additional public hearing opportunities. Please visit the 2016RTP/SCS website for updates.

For information on the Draft PEIR workshops and how to submit comments to the Draft PEIR, please visit http://scagrtpscs.net/Pages/DRAFT2016PEIR.aspx#how

Hidden Track: “Anyhow“— The Tedeschi Trucks Band

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