ePilot Vol. II, No. 1, January 2016


Chinese Officials Visit APCD

Oxnard Mayor pro Tem Carmen Ramirez shares a moment with Chinese delegation

A delegation from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has been touring California and recently payed a visit to the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District

Deputy Director Liu Xin and Principle Staff Member Zeng Jinghai met with APCD boardmembers and received a tour from Air Pollution  Control Officer Mike Villegas.

In a letter sent to APCD, Mary Nichols, the Chair of the California Air Resources Board, expressed her appreciation to Mr. Villegas, staff, and the Air Pollution Control Board.  “The responses we have heard from the staff are that the visit has been interesting and useful. This is a good outcome for the long training visit, and would not have been possible without your contributions. Last week’s announcement that Beijing had called its first “red alert” for smog underscored the necessity and timeliness of the program.  Ventura County Air Pollution Control District is on the front lines protecting public health here in California. Your willingness to arrange visits to unique sources you work with is invaluable and much appreciated.” 


Perello to Helm County Board

Oxnard City Councilmember Bert Perello has been named Chair of the Ventura

Regional Sanitation District Board of Directors for 2016.

“My first experience with this organization was dealing with some serious impacts in my neighborhood,” he said. “In my time on the board, I have come to appreciate the hard work and openness of District staff. This is truly an honor.”



History By the Minute

Beverly Merrill Kelley

Let’s face it, we’re all busy people.  We’d love to learn more about our hometown but who has the time?  This column will feature highlights that can be read in a minute or two.  And rest assured, the information comes from the considerable resources of the Port Hueneme Historical Society.  If your interest is piqued to learn more, visit the museum on Main Street or send your questions via email to Kelley@callutheran.edu.

 Despite most bankers being targeted by the muckrakers and editorial cartoonists as lazy hogs greedily sucking up the efforts of hardworking farmers during the late 1800s, Achille Levy was a notable exception.  His reputation as an honest man remained unscathed and he headed up Thomas Bard’s list of partners when it came time to incorporate a bank in Hueneme.
It wasn’t difficult for Bard to convince Levy and other leading merchants that their best interests would be served by a much larger local bank.  The only other financial institution in Ventura County was the bank of William Collins and Sons which was opened in 1887 but was located in San Buenaventura.
Bard argued that trade at the wharf had expanded beyond private banking limits and that traveling all the way to Buenaventura to transact banking business was hazardous to one’s health.  Not only could robbers waylay merchants and relieve them of their gold but the local newspapers were frequently filled with tragic tales of possessions, animals, and human being lost to quicksand or seasonal flooding.


In front of the Wolff and Levy Store

Brick Wahl

Happy New Year

I don’t wish everyone a Happy New Year, I don’t pray for peace, I don’t share Facebook’s photos of me for the year.

Instead I turn on the Rose Parade, dig the marching bands playing like their lives depended on it, engage in one sided repartee with Bob and Stephanie (I always win), while eating the leftover onion dip and salsa and chips.

There wasn’t any leftover dip and salsa this year so I tossed a tortilla in the skillet and made a quesadilla.

The Gibbsville cheddar softened and melted perfectly, just enough, and I diced up so much tomato, mushrooms, cebolla and serrano pepper they spilled out all over the plate in a healthy mess. Tapatio splashed over everything only added to the perfection.

The NHL Winter Classic is on now, and with all of the U.S. and Canada watching the Boston Bruins failing as men on the ice. Miserable.

I fix a Christmas glass full of eggnog, whiskey (a good scotch, a Christmas present from my groovy new sister-in-law Dina), and ice leftover from the Xmas party, and swizzle it with a miniature hockey stick.

Montreal scores again, a real beauty of a goal, and I take a deep glug. A Bruin pulls an idiot slow motion cross check that even the blind can see and I shake the swizzle stick at him in admonition.

Still, Boston is putting up just enough of a fight to make it exciting, and the Canadiens look brilliant. It’s all very nostalgic.

Indeed, if it weren’t for the lousy bands they have in the period breaks–can’t the NHL get a good hard rock band some day?–all would be perfect.

Fyl normally sleeps in on New Years Day. She’s up early this year, silently watching the traditions roll out in a Sioux silence, broken only by deadpanned smartassery. I wish her a Happy New Year. She pats me on the head.

May it be this good all year.


Navy Aims to Equip Hundreds of Ships With Drones

Forward deployment on small ships may obviate the need for aircraft carriers.Could mean more business for Mugu test range.


Could Electric Utilities Become “Zombies”?

“We need utilities to think about new revenues and profits – not just rate base,”says New York’s energy czar.


Navy Considers Enlarging NAS Lemoore

F-18’s and F-35’s on the way.



Everything you ever wanted to know about the Natural Resources on
Naval Base of Ventura County!


Dear Friends:

As we experience the first offerings of what El Nino is expected to bring to our area, I thought it would be prudent to send along some information which will help you protect yourself and your home in case of a water-related emergency. As we witnessed this week, just one heavy storm can have a big impact. And this year’s El Nino event has tied, in terms of intensity, with the strongest previous El Nino on record, which produced the storm season of 1997-98.

In a storm event, please be aware of your surroundings. Construction, erosion and loss of vegetation due to wildfires can cause flooding in areas where it was not previously present. According to the Ventura County Office of Emergency Services, if flooding occurs, you are safer in your home if it is not being affected by floodwaters, mud or debris. If asked to evacuate, do so immediately. Don’t take chances! Even six inches of water can knock you off your feet and it takes only two feet of water to carry away a passenger vehicle.

For El Nino preparedness tips: Go to storms.ca.gov for statewide information. If you live in Ventura County, go tohttp://www.readyventuracounty.org/, If you live in Los Angeles County, go towww.elninola.com

For live weather updates: Please visit the National Weather Service Forecast Office site for a list of watches, warnings and advisories.http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/lox/?mystation+KCMA. This page also has a tab for surf advisories. Our coastal communities, especially those on west-facing beaches, are vulnerable in high-surf events. Stay off of jetties and rock walls. Inexperienced swimmers should stay out of the water.

To receive emergency alerts on your phone: If you live in Ventura County, sign up at www.vcalert.org. If you live in Los Angeles County, go tohttps://www.lacounty.gov/emergency/alert-la.

If you are in need of sandbags: A limited supply is available at your nearest fire station. They can also be purchased at many home improvement stores. Properly placed sandbags will redirect water, mud and debris, but will not completely seal out water.

In drought-plagued California, we welcome these much-needed rains. In fact, the Sierra snowpack is now at 103 percent of normal, which is great news. But with extreme weather, comes challenges. Please be careful out there.


Senator Pavley

Fran Pavley
State Senator, 27th District


Hidden Track: SOBNathaniel Rateliffe  

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