ePilot Vol II, No. 3, January 2016

King Remembered

MLK March Founder, Bedford Pinkard addresses the Crowd

Mariachis Inlakech greet the Marchers

Service Center Opens

Board Chair Doug Breeze addresses the crowd while General Manager Steve Brown looks on.

The Gold Coast Transit District opened a new Customer Service Center at theOxnard Transportation Center.  Replacing an inefficient and outdated facility, the new Service Center provides a professional and safe environment for the customer service representatives.

Board Chair Doug Breeze cut the ribbon, saying, “Being here is an honor for me.”

Gold Coast provides over four million passenger trips annually on bus routes throughout the West County.


Air District Provides Information on Gas Leak

Ventura County Air Pollution Control Officer Mike Villegas announced that the county Air Pollution Control District would provide updates on the Aliso Canyon gas leak.

“In response to questions from County residents, we have added information to our website regarding the Aliso Canyon (Porter Ranch) gas leak (see link below).  Just scroll down on our home page.  Be sure to click on the map,” he announced in a release.

The information can be found at http://www.vcapcd.org/

History by the Minute

Beverly Merrill Kelley

Let’s face it, we’re all busy people.  We’d love to learn more about our hometown but who has the time?  This column will feature highlights that can be read in a minute or two.  And rest assured, the information comes from the considerable resources of the Port Hueneme Historical Society.  If your interest is piqued to learn more, visit the museum on Market Street or send your questions via email to kelley@callutheran.edu.


Lucy Levy, the bride Achille brought back from Paris in 1881, was totally unimpressed with the modest clapboard house Achille shared with Moise Wolff (and an occasional clerk or two).  Bear in mind she had just gone through the awful experience of descending the Conejo Grade in a stagecoach.  
To be totally truthful, she was forced to walk down the muddy, rutted road in her beautiful French gown and silk shoes since the horses couldn’t handle the steep decline with passengers on board.  Achille had employed one of the most expensive matchmakers in Paris to find him a wife, so Lucy, expecting to be the wife of a rich man, was shocked when she first set her eyes on the yet-to-be-civilized Wynema where her husband had chosen to live.
Lucy quickly made friends with Mollie Bard, the wife of Thomas Bard—who had built the wharf that brought ships from all over the world to her doorstep as well as founding the Bank of Hueneme.  The two women had a great deal in common.  They were only separated by five years in age, with Lucy being the older.  
They both grew up with culture, comfort, and the convenience of servants in cosmopolitan cities (Paris and San Francisco).  Both were, at the age of 18, plucked out of a pampered existence and compelled to adapt to a dirty little wharf town once they agreed to wed their entrepreneurial husbands, who each held different but compatible visions for the future of Ventura County.  
Both had voyaged across the Atlantic (Mollie and Thomas had honeymooned in Paris), both women’s brothers were invited to Wynema to become part of the family businesses, and Mollie and Lucy teamed up to work on the Women’s Improvement Club, to establish the Hueneme library, to plant trees and establish a social life in the burgeoning community.

Brick Wahl

National Hug Day


It’s National Hug Day? Really?

I’ve always gotten a lot of hugs, though I never got more hugs than I did when I was writing for the LA Weekly.

Apparently being a jazz critic means lots of hugs. I don’t know why, but then I never did understand jazz.

And in a jazz bar, it’d be open season on me, hugs came in waves, big smooshy hugs, a lady’s entire anatomy pressed into mine. Sometimes I couldn’t make my way across the floor to the bar without a series of powerhouse hugs.

After a while I took to staying seated and ordering from the waitress, and after she gave me a big hug, she’d take my drink order. But sitting down didn’t entirely work, the hugs would still come, just in a more cumbersome fashion.

One time, sitting down, I took a lady’s iron clad bra right in my eye. I could feel the mesh, like medieval mail, jabbing my eyeball. I saw stars as she said how glad she was to see me. I said I was glad to see her, though I couldn’t see at all. I was wondering if I was going to get a shiner. I didn’t. Didn’t the next time either from a different lady, I believe steel plated. More stars, more pain. Again, no shiner.

But I learned quickly, and when a lady approached with the gleam of a hug in her eye, I stood up, quite genteel, and took it like a man.

Still, I’m staying home today.

Read More Brick Wahl at http://brickwahl.com/


Nuclear Power Vulnerable to Cyberassault

Twenty Nations Lack Minimal Protection.


Navy Bases Falling Behind on Maintenance

Budget constraints create growing backlog of needed repairs.


When U.S. Air Force discovered the flaw of averages

There’s no such thing as an “average” pilot. How a young lieutenant discovered a fatal flaw in cockpit design.




The City of Oxnard in conjunction with the Congress for the New Urbanism has announced a five day visioning process for Downtown Oxnard.

Public Charrette, Walking Tour, and New Urbanism Film Festival

With your participation and local knowledge, the Congress for the New Urbanism California Chapter will conduct a five-day visioning charrette to test new ideas to revitalize downtown Oxnard.

The charrette will be held on the Plaza at the former Social SecurityAdministration Offices and is open to the public during the events listed here. Space is limited and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Film Festival, is limited to 75 seats, so please RSVP by emailinginfo@cnucalifornia.org or calling the City of Oxnard Economic Development Department (805) 385-7407 to ensure your seat. Economic Developmentwww.CityofOxnard.org


FRI. JAN 29 • 5:30PM


SAT. JAN 30 • 5:30 PM

SUN. JAN 31 • 10:30 AM


MON. FEB 1 • 5:30PM
315-327 North 5th Street
Former Social Security Admin Offices
– Near Plaza Park


(805)385-7407 City of Oxnard



New Route and Service Changes Take Effect Sunday, January 24th!

Effective Sunday, January 24, 2016, service adjustments are being made on Gold Coast Transit’s (GCT) fixed-route bus service. GCT is making minor schedule adjustments to help improve overall schedule reliability and performance.

ALL routes (except 9 & 11) have new schedules and departure times.

Route 22 continues to provide a direct and faster connection between East Ventura and Oxnard.  It runs from Wells Center to St. John’s Medical Center and Nyeland Acres.

The improved Route 17 continues to connect South Oxnard and Riverpark with a more direct trip.

CLICK HERE to view all of the updated routes and schedules.

Visit our Website to Learn More!

  • Routes and Schedules
  • Google Trip Planner
  • Fare Information
  • ACCESS Paratransit Service
  • Detours and Bus Stop Closures
  • Career Opportunities
  • …Much More!

If don’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates!

Pick up your

Free Bus Books are now available on every GCT bus and at the Customer Service Center at the Oxnard Transit Center.


Need trip planning assistance?

Please contact Customer Service at:
Monday – Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Trip Planning powered by Google Transit and NextBus Real-Time arrival information is also available online at www.GoldCoastTransit.org.


About Gold Coast Transit District

GCTD provides safe, responsive, convenient, efficient, and environmentally responsible fixed-route bus and paratransit public transportation that serves the diverse needs of the cities of Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme and Ventura, and in the unincorporated County areas between the cities. Utilizing a fleet of 56 clean-fueled buses, GCTD carries nearly 4 million passengers annually on its 19 bus routes. GCTD is governed by a Board of Directors made up of an elected official from each member jurisdiction.



Hidden Track: John Cale —”If You Were Still Around

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