ePilot, Vol. II, No. 8, April 2016


The Hunt Begins!

The annual Easter egg hunt at the Community Center is a sure sign that Spring is here.  With candy, surprises, balloons, and face-painting, the kids of Port Hueneme enjoyed an active and fun Saturday morning.

Balloon bunnies add to the magic.

“Safety is Not a Destination”

Federal Railroad Administrator Sarah Feinberg addresses the crowd as Tim Flynn and Keith Millhouse look on.

In a ceremony at the Oxnard Transportation Center, Federal Railroad Administrator Sarah Feinberg announced a $1.5 Million grant to begin the engineering study for the Rice Rd. railway overpass.  

The Rice Rd. grade crossing was the site of a fatal accident last year when a truck got stuck on the tracks and was struck by a train, killing the engineer.  An overpass would separate vehicular and train traffic making the crossing much safer.

Administrator Feinberg pointed out that there were over 200 grade crossing fatalities nationwide last year, with 32 of those in California.

Keith Millhouse, Vice Chair of the Metrolink Board of Directors, reminded the attendees that “Safety is not a destination,  it’s  continuing journey.”

The total cost to complete the project is $40 million.  According to Darrin Kettle, Executive Director of the Ventura County Transportation Commission, this first grant will cover  planning and engineering costs.

Congressmember Julia Brownley, who sits on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, recognized the difficulty in securing the remainder of the funding, but pointed out that “We can never get there unless we take the first step.”

Julia Brownley, Tim Flynn, and Kathy Long enjoy the moment.

The World Comes to Port Hueneme

Imagine Serena Williams smashing aces at Moranda Park or Mike Trout patrolling the outfield at the Bubbling Springs field. Unlikely? Yes, but on Tuesday, May 17, some of the top bicycle road racers in the world will be traversing the streets of Port Hueneme as the Amgen Tour of California comes to town.

The riders will begin stage 3 in Thousand Oaks at 11:10 AM, then make their way to Portrero Rd. and down Highway 23 to the Pacific Coast Highway.  The sweeping curves around Mugu Rock, made famous by numerous automobile commercials, this time will be navigated by the brightly colored peloton as the riders make their way toward the Oxnard Plain.

Hueneme Road’s long straight should provide some of the highest speeds of the tour – unless the strong Westerly headwinds so familiar to local riders slow things down.

For local fans looking for interesting spots to view the race, the first challenge will be the newly resurfaced railroad crossing on Hueneme Rd. east of the city limits.  Any rider catching a wheel on the tracks will face certain disaster.

Continuing into Port Hueneme, the riders will have to quickly slow from a nearly 30 MPH pace as they make the 90° right turn onto Ventura Rd.  The first sprint points of the day will be awarded at the end of the straight before the left hand turn onto Channel Islands Blvd. The Quick Men will be challenging each other to see who will wear the points leader’s green jersey.

From Channel Islands Blvd. the race makes its way down Harbor Blvd. to Ventura, up SR 33 and around Lake Casitas, then heads for East Valley Rd., finishing with a punishing climb to the top of Gibraltar Rd.

In the cycling lexicon, the hardest, toughest, most punishing stage of a race is called “The Queen Stage”.  Stage 3 is the Queen Stage of this year’s Amgen Tour of California and it’s coming right through Port Hueneme.

Think you’re up to the challenge?  Amgen offers L’Etape California, a chance to ride the Stage 3 route with the legendary Jens Voigt on April 24. Information on reservations and pricing is available athttp://www.amgentourofcalifornia.com/letapecalifornia-register

Next time: The No. 1 team in the world is based in California. An interview withJim Ochowicz, General Manager of BMC Racing.


History By the Minute

Beverly Merrill Kelley

Let’s face it, we’re all busy people.  We’d love to learn more about our hometown but who has the time?  This column will feature highlights that can be read in a minute or two.  And rest assured, the information comes from the considerable resources of the Port Hueneme Historical Society.  If your interest is piqued to learn more, visit the museum on Market Street or send your questions via email to kelley@callutheran.edu. 

Her father was a powerful Chumash chief and her tribe lived on one of theChannel Islands.  Princess Hueneme was so beautiful that she collected many love-struck suitors but she chose a handsome young man who lived at a place called Point Magu to be her husband.

They were living happily ever after in his dwelling until one of the Point Magu clanswomen, a powerful witch, became jealous of Princess Hueneme’s beauty and goodness.  She decided to use her evil powers to cast a spell on the young husband and compel him into running away with her.

With her husband gone, Princess Hueneme became inconsolable and felt she had no choice but to return to her Channel Island home.  But as each day dragged by, Princess Hueneme tried, but she could not forget how happy she had been with her husband. 

Princess Hueneme decided to swim to the mainland and search for him.  She eventually found the young man at a place called San Fernando, where he was dancing with the witch at a special festival.  When the witch caught sight of Princess Hueneme, she just laughed at her.

Brick Wahl

Bernie Sanders and the Fifth Great Awakening

Oh man, another Bernie supporter telling me that Bernie is a GOOD man (not merely a good man, but a GOOD man) and therefore deserves to be president. And another just told me that Bernie will never lie to us….

So what’s with this weird “he’s a GOOD man” trip that so many Bernie people are on? They make it sound more like a religious movement than a political movement. Is Bernie the messiah, promising utopia?

Any time anybody mentions even the slightest hint of imperfection they start with the Bernie is a GOOD man mantra. Or how Bernie will never lie to us. Hell, he’s a politician, he will lie, he will sometimes betray his own principles. It goes with the gig.

But if Bernie’s losing campaign has proven anything, he’s shown that the under 40 year olds in this country are as ripe for the next great American religious revival as were the under 40 year old baby boomers in the 1970’s. They called that one the Fourth Great Awakening.

Looks like the Fifth Great Awakening might be right on its historical schedule.

It sure has given this political season a vaguely creepy feeling – the way Bernie’s supporters hang on his every word like he is more than just a mere human being, as if He is Perfection Itself. And all who don’t believe in Him with all their heart and soul are infidels.

Those rallies of His aren’t political rallies as much as they are revival meetings.

His believers give Him money the way people give TV preachers money, on command, because they have faith in Him because He is a good man and He will never lie to us. One man’s Heaven is another man’s Socialist Utopia, I guess, and there’s a white messiah pointing the way to both.

Unfortunately for Bernie, there have been two and a half million more skeptics than believers so far, and a lot more to come. No one ever said a messianic movement was easy.


Is the US Military Losing Its Technical Advantage?

“We can’t take these developments for granted.”


Making Clean Energy from Wastewater

Biogas can make vehicle fuel, natural gas, electricity, and heat.


Ovation of the Seas Shows Off in Hamburg

Spectacular video of incredible cruise ship.



Low Cost Youth Tennis Program

Beginning on April 4th, a low cost tennis program for youth 6 and above will be held at Moranda Park .

The program will be held on  Mondays and Wednesday’s from 4-5:30pm.

The cost of the entire program is $12.

Registration will be held on the first day.

Rackets are provided but participants should wear athletic shoes and bring water.

For further information:

text Rich Rollins at 310-801-2243

Hidden Track: The Delta Rhythm Boys — “If You See Tears in My Eyes

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