ePilot, Vol. II, No. 12, June 2016

Jackson Pledges Support for Vets


Ivy Lawn Park hosted ceremonies marking Memorial Day

Speaking at the Memorial Day ceremony at Ivy Lawn Memorial Park, StateSenator Hannah-Beth Jackson delivered a substantive presentation on the needs and difficulties of returning veterans.  Previously named the Leo P. Burke Legislator of the Year by the American Legion, veterans’ issues have always been one of her top priorities.  

Citing illness, substance abuse and suicide, she declared that “We’ve lost more of returning vets at home that we’ve lost in the war zone.”  The Senator authored legislation that steers eligible veterans going through the justice system toVeterans Treatment Courts where they can receive proper assistance in dealing with substance abuse.

Sen. Jackson is the author of SB 1180, a bill which would grant an additional 12 days of sick leave to any disabled veteran transitioning to a civilian career in any state school district. Previously she authored a similar bill for veterans working for the State of California.

“We’ve not done well by these returning veterans,” the Senator said, pledging to continue her efforts to support all those who have served their country.

Bugler at the ready


Morgan Campaigns in Port Hueneme

Mike Morgan discusses the issues

Third District County Supervisor candidate Mike Morgan, Mayor of Camarillo, met with voters at the Oceanview Pavilion. Citing his years in municipal government, Mayor Morgan declared that “no candidate has more experience” than he has.

As Supervisor he would pledge to work with the City of Port Hueneme to help rebuild the old city center at Market Street and to find businesses that would want to relocate to the Beach City.

Mr. Morgan won approval from some in attendance when he pledged to reform the County Environmental Health Department which has placed “unreasonable” demands on non-profit community organizations trying to raise money with bake sales and “cookie and coffee” fundraisers. Pointing out that there was a big difference between running a restaurant and serving tea in the library, he issued a call to simply “be reasonable”.


The legendary Estrada Bros. donated the entertainment

Festival Season Kicks off in Ventura County

Doug Kershaw still Ragin’ after all these years

With performers ranging from Hall of Famers Booker T. Jones and Leon Russellto Jo-El Sonnier and Doug Kershaw, the Simi Valley Cajun and Blues Festivalfilled the Memorial Day weekend with the sounds and flavors of Bayou Country.

Kershaw played both days, and the 80 year old Ragin’ Cajun proved he hasn’t lost a step, delivering a performance that would leave many men half his age in the dust.

Fried alligator, BBQ, and the Simi High Marching Band, rounded out what has become one of the big events in Ventura County.

Cuttin’ Contest! Doug Kershaw and Jo-El Sonnier

History by the Minute

Beverly Merrill Kelley

Let’s face it, we’re all busy people.  We’d love to learn more about our hometown but who has the time? This column will feature highlights that can be read in a minute or two.  And rest assured, the information comes from the considerable resources of the Port Hueneme Historical Society.  If your interest is piqued to learn more, visit the museum on Market Street or send your questions via email to kelley@callutheran.edu.

In 1936, the tiny Port Hueneme Library at the Women’s Improvement Club became part of the Ventura County Library system with Ann Haycox (her husband Arthur was Hueneme’s postmaster) installed as librarian.  Not only were the WIC holdings greatly expanded as a result of joining the Ventura County Library system, but the WIC was paid rent which the women would reinvest in the community.

By 1917, a Men’s Improvement Club also started meeting at the Scott Street house.  Not much is known of their activities except that they paid the light bill in lieu of rent.

The Craftsman bungalow that served as the Women’s Improvement Center (listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989) still survives at 239 E. Scott Street in Port Hueneme.  The tree (recently cut down) in front was planted in 1926 to honor the first librarian Miss Annie.

The Club disbanded during the early 1990’s and eventually was replaced by the nonprofit organization called Hueneme Beautiful, which is still active today.

During the Fifties, when the population jumped from 3,024 to 11, 067, it became obvious that the number of books at the Women’s Improvement Club were proving totally inadequate.  One of the folks who decided something had to be done about this problem was Ray D. Prueter, a community leader who labored tirelessly to serve all Port Hueneme residents—but especially those who loved books as much as he did.

And Prueter prevailed—in fact, he was instrumental in erecting an 18,750-square-foot library on Park Street.  The Port Hueneme library, which was dedicated on April 4, 1960, was expected to provide space for a staggering (at the time) 15,000 volumes.

By 1989, however, it was time to think about an even bigger library.  The City Council decided to erect a building which was not only five times larger than the 1960 facility but also boasted the capacity to house 65,000 volumes.  The old building was demolished and the new library built on the same site.

It also seemed appropriate to the powers-that-be that the new library would bear the name of the man who invested so much of himself in order to provide Port Hueneme citizens with a first class facility — Ray. D. Preuter.

Brick Wahl

Millennials are Evenly Split Between Trump and Hillary

Here’s a shock no one expected. Millennials are evenly split between Trump and Hillary.

Which means the reason that Trump has closed with Hillary is due almost entirely to a massive swing by Millennials to Trump if Bernie Sanders is not the nominee. In March, Millennials preferred Hillary to Trump 64-25. In May it is 45-42. No other age group shows differences of more than low single digits.

Bernie’s fierce attacks on Hillary these past two months have not changed many voters’ minds except among those under thirty years old, nearly half of whom now detest Hillary and the Democratic party so much they see Donald Trump as the better alternative. It’s not Bernie or Bust for those kids, it’s Bernie or Trump. Racist Trump, misogynist Trump, bullying Trump, some even say fascist Trump,  has now become the choice of half of the under thirty vote.

Keep in mind that only 20% of Bernie’s supporters still believe he can be nominated. So most of those who are prepared to switch their allegiance to Trump after the primaries have already made up their minds, and somehow they are able to transition from Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump like it was nothing. How, I have no idea. Bernie and Trump have nothing in common except a mutual antipathy for Hillary Clinton. But apparently that is enough.
I just read a long, beautifully written and scary piece by Josh Zeitz in Politico (“Why Bernie’s Bros Might Go for Trump“) that showed that in 1968 18% of the young white supporters of Eugene McCarthy voted for George Wallace that November, rather than voting for the Democratic nominee, Hubert Humphrey. Humphrey, a quintessential New Deal Democrat with an excellent record on civil rights, was seen as the enemy who had stolen the nomination.

McCarthy’s voters switched to Wallace in huge numbers, though many came back, reluctantly, to Humphrey after Wallace selected super hawk Curtis LeMay as his running mate. Still, that 18% who voted for Wallace in the end was more than enough to give the election to Nixon.
And in 1980, when Ted Kennedy’s challenge to Jimmy Carter failed after a strongfinish, twenty-seven per cent of Kennedy’s primary voters voted for Ronald Reagan rather than vote for Carter.

But it gets worse:

New YorkTimes/CBS exit poll revealed that 38 percent of Reagan voters cast their lot with the former California governor because they believed it was “time for a change.” Only 11 percent voted for him because “he’s a real conservative.” “It’s the first time I ever voted Republican,” said a Michigan resident. “But I’m sick and tired of the mess that’s going on in this country.” (Zeitz,Politico)

That is, over three times as many people voted for Reagan in 1980 because “it was time for a change” than voted for him because he was a conservative. They wanted change for the sake of change. That is Trump all over, who seems to be running for the sheer hell of it. How many voters will vote for him for the sheer hell of it?

Apparently half of Millennials, who would not benefit one iota from a Trump presidency. 

Just two months ago, in March, Millennials were overwhelmingly opposed to Trump. He was the butt of their jokes. But that was before the Bernie Sanders campaign began its scorched earth campaign, driving his voters into a frenzy of anti-Hillary and anti Democratic Party hatred. And a lot of them do hate Hillary now, and it’s a mean and angry hatred–remember that scene in Nevada? And as Trump is mean and apparently angry–if his is genuine anger instead of crude political theater–he is a natural draw as Bernie’s campaign comes to a bitter end.

Thus the stunning result of half of voters 18-29 years old becoming Trump voters. Just as the Bernie campaign swelled to huge crowds out of nowhere, this transition was stunningly fast. If Trump wins this November, it could well be white Millennials that put him over. Bernie’s voters. He had nearly 9 out of 10 millennials at the beginning of the year, but that didn’t mean they were socialists after all. Maybe half were. The others just like rallies and excitement and free college, apparently.

This is a kick in the stomach to Bernie Sanders. Perhaps he and his campaign manager are so caught up in their war to reform the Democratic Party they haven’t noticed. But early on, in New Hampshire, this was all about a huge wave of Millennials who would rise up as one and vote for democratic socialism. That was forgotten sometime in March and April, when the campaign got caught up in a series of ferociously contested caucuses. He won all of them, but in doing so the message changed from winning hearts and minds in primaries to the bitter intra-party trench fighting that is a caucus.

Suddenly rules and parliamentary tricks and backroom chicanery take precedence, and the two sides glare and shout at each other across crowded rooms. Democracy is not really important there, it’s all power games, and the other side becomes the enemy.

Bernie’s campaign piled their fervent activists into these caucuses like they were at war to make up for their catastrophic losses in the South. By the time the race got to New York, Bernie’s revolution had degenerated into accusations of cheating and fraud and voter repression, and Hillary’s campaign and its supporters became blood enemies. It was an unrequited hatred, mostly, though I don’t think Hillary’s campaign and its supporters realized they were hated with such intensity until that explosion in Las Vegas.
So now nearly half of Bernie’s voters are Trump supporters. It’s a potential electoral disaster for Hillary, but its worse for Bernie’s legacy. His kids, the Millennials, the ones who cheer his every word and are the foot soldiers of the Bernie Revolution — well, half of them aren’t revolutionaries at all. Indeed, they have abandoned his revolution in droves for its real arch nemesis, Donald Trump. Half of Bernie’s young army has deserted democratic socialism, his revolution is in tatters, and he may well have spawned a wave of very angry white men’s reactionary politics.

Feel the burn.

—Read more Brick Wahl at brickwahl.com


Sweden and Finland Pushed Closer to NATO

Historically neutral countries re-evaluate positions in response to Russian threat.


U.S. to Try British Anti-Drone System

Thinking of flying your drone near an airport? Don’t.


Black Holes As Holograms

Is the world really two dimensional?


Tuskegee Airmen Talk at the Library

The Ray D. Prueter Library will host a Red Tails World War II Airplane Showcase and Tuskegee Airmen public education presentation by Buddy Gibson, Lawrence Lee and Bruce Stewart from 2-4 p.m. June 11 at 510 Park Ave.

The presenters will display their collections of Red Tail World War II airplane models and figurines of significant individuals from African-American history.There will be a screening of a film on the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II and a question-and-answer session.

For more information, call 486-5460.

 Learn to Swim and Swim Near a Lifeguard !!

Hueneme Ocean Lifeguard Association Presents the First Annual Luau for the Junior Lifeguard

National Beach Safety / Rip Current Awareness Week
The Hueneme Ocean Lifeguard Association will host a fundraiser to benefit the Port Hueneme Junior Lifeguard program and highlight National Beach Safety / Rip Current Awareness Week on June 11, 2016. The event will talk place at the Oceanview Pavilion located at 575 E. Surfside Drive Port Hueneme, CA 93041. The event will begin at 4:00 pm and is sponsored by the Oceanview Pavilion. Proceeds from the event will go to scholarships for Port Hueneme residents to participate in the Junior Lifeguard program that has been going strong for over 20 years!

The Junior Lifeguard Program is an exceptional opportunity to better educate our children as to the challenges that the ocean, which can be a wonderful recreational resource, but can also be treacherous. The program (two four-week sessions) will inspire and teach our youth lifesaving skills, provide a safe, supervised environment and teach water safety on all types of levels this summer. It emphasizes physical fitness activities, teaches to look for and obey posted signs and flags, keeping the beach and ocean clean, learning rescue techniques, learning to surf, meeting new friends and educating our youth to help spread a safety message that will save lives. Number one rule…Learn to Swim and Swim near a Lifeguard!!

“The mission of the Hueneme Ocean Lifeguard Association is to promote beach safety and public education. The association works to reduce the incidents of death and injury in the aquatic environment.”

Our goal for this year is to raise over a minimum of $ 10,000.00 and the kids need your support! There is no better investment than for the children in our community, such a great way to give back to our Future America!

Be prepared to enjoy the afternoon with the International renowned performance of Tina’s Ports of Paradise, take photos with two world renown professional surfers, Nathaniel Curran andNick Rozsa, enjoy a surf movie and silent auction all while tasting delectable appetizers (included in the ticket price) and beverages.  Other sponsors include Scrivi Surfboards from right here in Port Hueneme, who has donated a custom surfboard for the silent auction.

Tickets will be available at the door the day of event.  $ 25.00 for Adults. Children under 14 are free. Tax deductible donations can be made by visiting www.huenemelifeguards.org

For additional information, contact Casey Graham at 805-573-4537, or emailmail@huenemelifeguards.org 

Amgen Tour by the Numbers

Hidden Track: Louis Armstrong and His Friends — “The Creator Has a Master Plan (Peace)

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